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Character Creation Issue / Query.


Having just received my box set for the latest Paranoia I was excited to run character creation with my group on Saturday but I ran into a issue during the process. I am sure it will just be something I have misunderstood but having read the section multiple times, I am not sure where. So hoping someone can show me where I am came off the rails !!
The issue arose during the skill section of the game and so I will give an example of what happened. Lets assume we have 4 players and a GM .. going from the GM's left we have James, Walter, John and Brian.
We start with James selecting a skill at +1, which is Melee, so Walter now has the skill at -1. Walter now selects Bluff at +1, and John receives it at -1. John now takes Guns at +1, so Brian has it at -1. finally Brian takes Stealth at +1. so James has it at -1.
So that is the first round of skill selection finished with. We start the second round and Walter will be the first person to select a +2 skill.
Walter decides he wants Guns as he doesn't already have it and no one has selected it this round. So Walter marks +2 on his sheet and John, who is the next player along receives it at -2. Now John already has Guns at +1, so ummm ... he now has it at -1 or -2 ? . This also means by the end of character creation John wont have 5 positive skills and 5 negative, instead he will have more negative and that of course affects his actual starting stat levels (As it will be one less positive when determining your 4 stat numbers at the beginning) .
This happened multiple times last night as we generated characters and I ended up with characters with only 9 skills not 10 and an imbalance of Neg to Pos skills and lower stats.
The only way we could generate characters who ended up with 5 positive skills and 5 negative skills is to say that if the player to your left already had that skill listed, you couldn't select it yourself. Essentially meaning you will start with it as 0. So in the example above, Walter wanted Guns, but because John had it at +1, he couldn't.
So ... What am I doing wrong ? There is 1000 XP points for the brave troubleshooter who helps me figure this out ! My group is pretty excited to play the game, so I'd like to get this settled.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.



2018-06-12 06:20:08



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